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Relaxed, Funny, and Loving family in Dublin, OH is seeking a Full-Time Nanny!

Dublin, OH, USA

Full Time

About the Role

Relaxed, Funny, and Loving family in Dublin, OH is seeking a Full-Time Nanny!

Children: 1 child, An adorable infant.

Salary: $20 - $25 per hour based on duties and experience.

Full Time/Part Time: Full Time, Monday - Friday.

Location: Dublin, OH.

Start Date: March, 2024.

Nestled in the heart of Dublin, OH, this vibrant household radiates a captivating blend of relaxation, humor, and boundless love! Life for this family revolves around the simple joys – leisurely strolls on sunny afternoons, immersing themselves in the local music scene, and embarking on adventurous journeys that traverse both borders and cultures.
In their cozy abode, the family takes pride in being a mosaic of multicultural backgrounds. With roots intertwining, they celebrate the beauty of diversity, fostering an environment where differences are not only acknowledged but embraced! The kitchen is a hub of creativity, where the family's love for cooking and exploring new recipes knows no bounds. Their culinary adventures are a testament to their eagerness to introduce their little one to the rich tapestry of global flavors. Their home is a sanctuary of acceptance and support, a place where diversity is cherished, and the bonds of family grow stronger with every passing day.

The family is actively searching for an individual who embodies warmth, compassion, and a genuine love for nurturing young minds. As a key player in child’s early life, the ideal candidate should possess a natural affinity for caregiving, fostering a secure and stimulating environment for the infant's growth and development. Punctuality and reliability are non-negotiable qualities, ensuring a consistent and dependable presence in their child’s daily routine. Open and transparent communication is highly valued by the family, encouraging a collaborative partnership with the nanny. Above all, the chosen candidate will prioritize their child’s happiness, infusing joy and laughter into daily interactions.

The family envisions the nanny as an extension of their supportive household, where they not only care for their child but also feel embraced and supported.The ideal candidate will be encouraged to share their unique skills, ideas, and cultural influences, contributing to the diverse and enriching environment the family cherishes!

If you are interested in applying for the current position or wish to be considered for future opportunities within our roster, we encourage you to submit your application today and complete our information request form.

If you have successfully concluded the interview process and are presently listed on the OHNFC nanny roster, kindly send an email to


  • Nanny applicant must be at least 21 years of age with a high school diploma or equivalent. A college degree in education, psychology, counseling, or equivalent is preferred.

  • Minimum 2 years professional experience within the nanny or childcare industry. 

  • Must be a U.S. citizen or eligible to work in the United States

  • Valid drivers license, proof of insurance and clean driving record.

  • Minimum of 3 professional childcare references. 

  • Pediatric CPR and First Aid certification is required for placement.

  • All nanny applicants must be willing to submit to a complete background check, driving record review, 10 panel drug test and social media review. 

About the Company

Ohio Nanny Family Collective is a professional nanny agency located in Columbus, Ohio that was born out of a desire to ensure that parents in the greater Columbus and Toledo areas can find the best nanny for their family's needs! Juggling life and a career is a challenge in and of itself. Finding someone to help - that should be easier.

Ohio Nanny Family Collective provides a hands on boutique experience for every one of our clients. As a nanny agency we enjoy getting to know every family & nanny we work with, understanding their needs and nurturing that relationship. OHNFC takes pride in working with our families and nannies to build a foundation for a long lasting partnership; creating the Nanny Family Collective.

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