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Finding that perfect professional for your family’s needs is difficult! At Ohio Nanny Family Collective we are here to make the process as simple as possible. Our team will provide individualized service and will be dedicated to finding that perfect nanny professional to become part of your family! No more creating job posts on social media or online job boards, reviewing responses, interviewing unknown candidates or completing background checks. OHNFC will handle all of this! 


As individuals who are currently working in the nanny industry, we have a unique perspective on the ever changing needs of today’s busy families.

What to expect from Ohio Nanny Family Collective

The process starts by completing the below information request form. Once received, you will be contacted by one of our dedicated team members to schedule a quick introductory phone call to discuss the OHNFC placement process.  This call will provide background information on OHNFC and who we are, discuss our process, fees, and begin to gather information on what your family is looking for in a professional nanny!


OHNFC understands this is a major decision for family’s to make and will never pressure you into continuing if you don’t feel a professional nanny is right for you. 

We want to provide you with peace of mind.

Ohio Nanny Family Collective takes a hands on approach when adding potential nanny candidates to our roster. All potential OHNFC nanny candidates go through an extensive interview process that includes an initial intake phone interview, the completion of our nanny application and questionnaire, resume, certification, credential & social media review, a virtual or in-person interview, and a reference check. 


Safety is our top priority when placing a nanny and is the reason we take these additional steps to ensure we are adding the highest quality nanny candidates to our roster. 


Once a nanny has been selected for your position, OHNFC will finalize your offer by completing our background check process. This background check includes:


  • Multi-County criminal record search 

  • Multi-State criminal record search

  • A 50 state violent offender registry review

  • A driving record review

  • 10 panel drug screening 


Once completed, we will advise of all findings prior to your final contract being completed. A copy of this background check is available and can be provided to you for your records at no additional cost. 

Once you choose OHNFC as your nanny agency, what’s next?

 First, we would like to Thank You for choosing us to assist in placing that perfect professional! We will begin by having you complete our OHNFC Family Questionnaire. This will allow for us to gather those fine details in what your family’s needs are and what you are looking for in a perfect nanny.

Once completed and reviewed, OHNFC will schedule your in-person or virtual interview. This gives us a chance to get to know you and your family, discuss your questionnaire and finalize what you are looking for in your nanny. During this interview we will provide you with our OHNFC welcome packet as well as completing our nanny placement agreement. 

A $350 non-refundable administration fee will be due to start our search and placement process.

*$350 Non-refundable administrative fee will be credited toward the total placement fee due.

This is when the search begins! We will be dedicated to you and your family in locating the best possible professional for your family’s needs. If it’s scheduling interviews and completing follow ups, providing payroll and tax resources or sample contracts, OHNFC will be there every step of the hiring process! Even after your placement is complete, OHNFC is here to be your resource to help answer any questions or provide guidance for any situation. 

Thank you for choosing Ohio Nanny Family Collective! We can’t wait to discuss how we can assist in your nanny search and placement!

Thank you for your interest!

One of our team members will reach out shortly!

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